Our Team

Shahed Ali Khan
Head of Operations
Has served with Nipun since its inception and heads the Sales and distribution functions. Passionate about his work he has contributed significantly to the firm foundation and growth of Nipun. An astute forward thinker took the first leap to spread Nipun's geographical presence and has been instrumental in setting up strong distribution alliances across the Southern Indian region, to cater to sales and after sales services across the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.
Mob: +91 8971239990

Neha Agarwal
Head of Accounts and Finance
Broadly responsible for application of strategies and policies to sustain and enable growth in a dynamic and competitive environment. Also responsible for accounts receivables and payables, sustaining operating margins, managing cash flow and ensuring profitability.

Regional Sales Manager
Handling regions of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.
Mob : +91 9632380094

Head of Service and Administration
Responsible to receive and track complaints (though rare however) manages and assigns field technicians to comply and track progress.
Mob : +91 9900888991

Sales Assistant
Manages leads from the sales team primarily responsible for site visits, planning and commissioning of projects.
Mob : +91 9535007337

Siva Barua
Head of Logistics
Responsible for inward and outward logistics and timely replenishment of equipment�s coordinating with vendors abroad and domestic clients. Dedicated and sensitive to client�s exigencies has a reputation of never going wrong on the Companies delivery commitments.
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